It is important when choosing a business to Pencil Compact your pool, to check their qualifications and the guarantees they offer you.

To many times we have seen clients take the cheaper option with devastating results, not realising the ramifications.

The picture shown on the right illustrates what can happen if an unqualified contractor compacts a pool.

The shallow end of the pool has sunk by 30mm creating an uneven look when the pool is full. It now requires supports under the edgebeam to jack the shell to the correct height.


Below is a step by step process to rectify the problem.


  • Pool water is pumped out to eleviate the weight at the shallow end of the pool. (Photo 1)


  • The sand which was used to backfill the pool needs to be re-excavatedback away from the pool in order for jacks to be positioned for lifting. (Photo 1)

  • Levels are checked prior to lifting low points of the pool. (Photo 2)

  • Jacks are carefully raised until levels are correct. (Photo 3)

  • Whilst the jacks hold the correct position, sand is thoroughly washed in to support the level. (Photo 4)


  • Once the level has been fixed, the pool can then be backfilled and then filled with water.


  • Once the pool is full, pencil compacting is completed from a qualified company.


To avoid this happening to you we recommend that before you authorise a contractor to carry out pencil compaction have them complete and sign the attached checklist form.

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